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With this super-easy-to-use app, you can tap into this glowing-hot medium to get more engagement, fans, leads and of course… sales!

Commercial Rights

Create videos for yourself and your clients and sell them for top dollar on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or to clients directly for profits!

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Start selling video apps that virtually sell themselves and are maintained and hosted by our team!

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Let’s face it, the best way to become an “influencer” or market leader in your niche is to have your own products!


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With Instamulti WhiteBoarder, ANYONE can create stunning, pro-quality HD whiteboard videos for any use.


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Reasons to Leverage Instagram Stories for Business growth

The first reason to use Instagram Stories is that mind-blowing or fascinating posts aren’t the only means of increasing engagement with your followers. More “average” posts, published frequently and consistently will encourage followers to engage by checking your Instagram business profile for the latest posts and useful information


The reason to use Stories is that it is a new feature on an existing platform and helps to diversify your content strategy. 


Stories support the use of real-time marketing, which is used to reach your target audience in the right moments. Posting live during an event or sale can encourage more people to attend, and can also help those who aren’t there to experience it feel connected to your business.


Lifetime license to Cloud-Based Whiteboard Video Creator - One-time payment.

Businesses, marketers, bloggers and social media influencers are paying HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of dollars every day to have quality video content created for them.


With all of the awesome power that you get from our apps.

(and its included commercial license), you can earn HUGE fees for creating videos – for less than an hour’s worth of work!


We’re talking as much as $500 or more for a 30-60 second video!

With Instamulti video builder, literally, ANYONE can create stunning, pro-quality HD videos.

We operate 13 more apps

Story Builder; Cover Builder; Live Mockup Builder; Slide Builder; Intro Outro Builder; Ads Builder; Real estate advert Builder; Motion Fx Builder; Healthcare advert Builder; Local Fx Builder; Browser notifications Creator; Whiteboard video Creator; Instagram media Robot.

All apps are accessible via a single, easy-to-use dashboard with one secure login, on ANY web browser wider than 799px!

Easy to Use

The Only Software You Will Need To Create
Attention-Grabbing Story Video.


Limitless Customization:
Customize Images, Background,
colors, logos, and audio to
stand ours from your competition!


Use the powerful image library to tell your story. Simply pick one that is best for your video, modify it to meet your needs, and create compelling whiteboard videos!


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Instamulti apps dashboard is 100% cloud-based, meaning it will work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to access all the apps included inside ONE dashboard. Nothing to install, nothing to update.

Absolutely, you can upload your own images, music, and voiceover into all the apps and customize your videos with your own materials. Using our Custom Video ULTRA-FX app you also upload your old videos and spice them up, create long-form videos of any length. All your imported images are AUTOMATICALLY resized to match the videos, so you don't need any external programs!

Unlimited! Create, render & download as many as you want.

Absolutely! We provide full step-by-step guides that leave nothing to chance,  so you can start reselling your videos fast!

Because we can ;-)

And you deserve!

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